Private: Optimum™ Waterless Wash and Shine

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Optimum™ Waterless Wash and Shine Car Wash allows you to safely wash your car anywhere, anytime-without water. This spray and wipe solution is formulated with proprietary polymers that encapsulate dirt and lift it away from the surface, leaving behind a protective polymer layer. Ultra-slick lubricity adds lasting gloss and shine, and prevents swirls and scratches. Waterless Wash and Shine can be used on all exterior and interior surfaces, adding protection, and preventing fading with UV blockers and sealant protection.

  • Ready to use – no water needed
  • Foaming solution shows you it’s working
  • Saves time with simple spray and wipe installation
  • Protective polymers trap dirt and lift away from surface
  • Prevents fading and UV damage with lasting UV protection
  • Enhanced slickness and gloss for a superior shine

Applications: Safely use on all exterior and interior surfaces: leather, paint, vinyl, plastic trim, glass, wheels, and chrome

1. Spray 2-3 times in a sweeping motion over one panel and allow solution to sit and foam for a few seconds.
2. Using a dry Optimum™ microfiber towel, wipe away the solution in a linear motion.
3. Fold the microfiber towel to a dry edge, and buff away excess residue.