Optimum Power Wheel and Tire Cleaner

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Optimum Power Wheel and Tire Cleaner is a must for any professional or enthusiast when it comes to wheel and tire cleaning. The acid-free formula is safe for use on all wheel types, including sensitive aluminum wheels. Formulated with a proprietary blend of polymers, Power Wheel Cleaner traps dirt on wheel and tire surfaces and lifts it away, ensuring that the surface is protected from marring while you agitate. Experience the remarkable power of Power Wheel Cleaner as its fast-foaming action breaks-up brake dust, oil, dirt, and even light corrosion, leaving behind a flawless, spot-free finish. Elevate your tire care routine with Power Wheel Cleaner-the ideal prep step for applying Opti-Bond Tire Dressing or Optimum Tire Shine.

  • Spray Application for Quick and Effective Wheel and Tire Cleaning
  • Acid-Free Formula is Safe on All Wheel Types
  • Breaks-up Stubborn Brake Dust, Oil, Dirt, and Light Corrosion
  • Polymers Encapsulate Dirt to Protect Finishes While Cleaning
  • Perfect Tire Prep Before Applying Tire Dressing

1. Spray product generously over wheels and tires, coating the surfaces.
2. Allow product to sit for 1 minute.
3. Wheel Application: Agitate the wheel surface lightly with an Optimum wheel brush to remove any stubborn residues.
4. Tire Application: Agitate the tire surface with an Optimum wheel brush, or for a deeper clean, use a drill with wheel brush attachment.
5. Rinse surface thoroughly and dry wheel surfaces with a microfiber towel.
6. Allow tire surfaces to dry completely before applying Optimum tire dressing.