Opti-Clay™ Disc

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Use Optimum Opti-Clay™ Disc before waxing or sealing to safely remove bonded surface contamination.

NOTE: Optimum Opti-Clay™ Interface Applicator is not included with Opti-Clay™ Disc and must be ordered separately!


Optimum Opti-Clay™ Disc is available in Fine Blue (22424)  for removal of light to medium surface contaminants and Heavy Grey (23018) for removal of heavy surface contamination.

Optimum Opti-Clay™ Disc features:

Made in USA

Removes surface contaminants

Maintains a clean & smooth surface.

Truly cleans & smooths the surface.

Increases gloss, depth & shine

Helps wax & sealants last longer.

Optimum Opti-Clay™ Interface Applicator (22448)  is an engineered foam pad designed specially for use with Optimum Opti-Clay™ Disc to maximize comfort and performance. the soft flexible foam is resilient enough to provide the necessary cushion and layer for compressive force needed to ensure that Optimum Opti-Clay™ Disc can achieve proper surface decontamination with comfort and ease.

Optimum Opti-Clay™ Interface Applicator features:

Made in USA

Easy grip by hand or orbital

Flexible foam disc with hook & loop

Increases claying comfort & performance

Engineered to maximize Opti-Clay™ usage

Removable Hand strap for easy change over

Note: Interface Applicator and Discs sold separately.


"An evolution of the clay bar"™