Optimum FerreX

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Optimum FerreX is a strong, yet safe and effective way to dissolve ferrous oxides from wheels and painted surfaces. Optimum FerreX attacks brake dust to rapidly clean wheels with very little agitation required. Unlike many iron removers on the market, FerreX is also a low odour formula.

Optimum FerreX is particularly effective and quickly removes caked on brake dust from European vehicles which are well known for their high dusting brake pads. To use FerreX you simply spray on, wait 1-2 minutes while the FerreX begins to dissolve the iron particles turning it purple, agitate as required and then rinse.

Optimum FerreX is also used to remove iron contamination and road tar from painted body panels such as rail dust, industrial fallout or contamination from road works. Use on a cool surface in the shade and watch as FerreX reacts with the particles and then rinse thoroughly.


Directions for wheels:

Avoid using on hot surfaces. Wash wheels to remove excess contaminants.

Spray Optimum FerreX directly on wheels and allow 1 - 2 minutes to fully dissolve ferrous oxides.

Agitate with a soft bristle brush as needed.

Rinse off with plenty of water.


Directions for painted surfaces:

Wash with Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine or Optimum Car Wash before applying Optimum FerreX.

Use on a cool surface and out of direct sunlight. Spray Optimum FerreX directly on painted surface and allow 1 - 2 minutes to fully dissolve ferrous oxide. Agitate with a microfiber towel or soft sponge if necessary.

Rinse off with plenty of water.