Optimum Waffle Foam Pad: Black (Light Correction & Finishing)

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The Optimum Black Waffle Polishing pad has been designed to minimize heat to the painted surface, as well as providing increased air flow to avoid heat transfer build up from long throw dual action machines. This increased airflow provides a more durable buffing pad that isn't as prone to velcro delamination or foam disintegration. Optimum's Black Waffle Cutting pad offers a medium density foam that will remove light to moderate defects while finishing down to a very high gloss finish. Where necessary, use an Optimum Orange Waffle Cutting pad prior to remove any heavier defects.



To remove 3,000 grit or finer sanding marks spray Optimum Hyper™ Compound on the Optimum Black Waffle Foam Pad using  Zentool DA Polisher at speed of 3-4 or a rotary buffer at 1200-1400 RPM. This combination will remove (not hide) scratches after 1-2 passes and leave a finish with zero marring that is free of swirl marks. Follow up with Optimum Hyper Polish and Optimum Black Waffle Foam Pad to refine the paint surface before applying Optimum Car Wax.