Opti-Eraser (Mild Unavailable)

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Optimum Opti-Eraser is an evolution of the clay bar! Use the dual-sided Opti-Eraser before waxing or sealing to safely remove bonded surface contamination. Will not mar when used according to directions. Available in Mild and Aggressive versions.



1. Wash vehicle to remove loose dirt & debris with Optimum Car Wash  or Optimum No Rinse

2. Using a sprayer, mist a small section of the vehicle with No Rinse Clay Bar Lube dilution or Opti-Clean

3. Gently work Opti-Eraser back and forth over the lubricated area until contaminants are removed and surface is smooth adding more lubrication as needed

4. Remove excess lubricant with a paint safe Optimum Microfiber Towel.

5. Repeat in sections until entire vehicle is contaminate free.



Inspect Opti-Eraser after each section and rinse as needed.

When too much contamination is present to wash clean, switch to a clean side or replace your Opti-Eraser.

Do NOT soak in liquid.

Do NOT squeeze or wring out.

Do NOT store flat on media surfaces (use sides).

Do NOT store wet in air tight container.


Mild/Light Eraser currently unavailable.